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Birthday – Bachelorette

Party To Do List












r Get two girls with different color lipstick to leave kiss marks on your cheeks

r Get a girl whose name starts with the letter ‘D’ to sign your chest with permanent marker

r Get a left-handed girl to slap you across the face

r Get a girl to give you her panties

r Take a body shot off a non-white girl

r Take a blowjob shot off anyone who’s willing

r Hookup with a girl in the bathroom

r Get kicked out of at least one bar

r Get two girls to grab your cock….one outside the pants and one inside

r Sing the Dreidel Song with your face in between a girl with D+ cup size boobs

r Share a jumbo slice with a “full figured” girl

r Get a girl to make out with you

r Get a girl to walk over to you, make out with you, slap you across the face, and walk away without exchanging a word between you.

r Get a girl to stick her tongue in your ear

r Find two people who have things that glow in the dark….bonus points if you can talk them into giving the thing to you

r Try to pick someone up with the line “Do you think David Bowie is hot?”

r Fart as loud as you can when walking past a line for a bar….then act embarrassed

r Get a girl to buy you a shot

r Find two bachelorette parties and do the most embarrassing things on their lists…bonus points if they do things on your list

r Get a girl to flash you her tits

r Find a girl who will admit to having had an orgasm during anal sex

r Get down on one knee and ask someone to marry you.

r Get a stranger to text the word “GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!” to you.